Headache Massage Inc., was created for one reason and that’s to provide a place for people suffering from headaches to get relief from their pain. Whether you have tension or migraine headaches, we want to help you decrease the level of pain and frequency of your headaches.

We are dedicated to treating ONLY headaches. Our focus is to be proficient in treating you with specific techniques that target areas commonly linked to tension headaches and in some cases migraines.

If you’re interested in trying a more natural, Non-pharmacological approach to treating your headaches, then please give us the opportunity to help.

Do you have a headache right now?

Statistics show there are approximately 45 million Americans complaining of HA’s each year. Worldwide, it is estimated that 80-90% of the population have headaches at least once in their lifetime* with Tension-type headache the second most common illness while Migraine is third**

*World Health Organization
**Steiner et al, Cephalalgia, 2003